The value of Lucera® Compute

Designed to accelerate your time-to-market

Enable your team to spin up pre-configured servers in real-time, significantly reducing lead times compared to internal provisiong cycles

Dramatically lower your costs

Pay for what you use, when you use it. Transparency into the allocation of costs eliminating unnecessary operational overheads.

Gain visibility into real-time usage

Analytics to allow you to make strategic decisions about when to dynamically resize your infrastructure.

Understand your system end-to-end

Leveraging Compute with Lucera®'s Connect provides visibility and control at the infrastructure and network level, providing the information you need to run your business

Lucera® Compute Facts

• 3 data centers: Equinix NY4, CH2 and LD4

• Supports CentOS, Ubuntu, SmartOS and Microsoft Windows

• Local Disk IO, 100% SSD, RAID 10

• Snapshots on demand

• CPU, network, disk and memory plotting

• 24 x 7 operating system and hardware support

Laptop-App-Display Laptop-	App-Display

Today's Infrastructure

Procurement & provisioning timeframes

Cost of operating infrastructure

Forecasting utilization patters

Performance of virtualization

Lucera® Compute

Add servers in real time

Monthly pay as you go

On demand scaleability

Bare metal performance

We're always looking for new and innovative ways to increase our market reach and reduce operational costs. Lucera® has given us a new and improved way to manage, deploy and scale our systems, particularly in the highly fragmented FX market. ¬†We now focus on developing systems to enhance market liquidity, while Lucera® helps us manage the underlying infrastructure at low cost and in real-time.
- Principal of Chicago Trading Desk