Lucera® is a high performance Infrastructure as a Service provider for financial services. We provide on-demand high performance compute (Lucera® Compute) and networking services (Lucera® Connect) for latency sensitive and mission critical financial systems.

Cut Bandwidth Costs

Single Vendor Solution

Eliminate Capacity Planning

Provide built in security, analytics and backup

Scale in seconds, not days

We scheduled a 3 hour call to turn up the client connectivity. By the time everyone had dialed in, Lucera® was done.
- EMD Tier 1 Bank
Our best case timeline for provisioning before Lucera® Connect was 6 weeks. Now it’s 6 minutes. I left the office at 5 today - I can’t remember when that last happened. Thank you.
- FX NetOps Proprietary Trading Firm

Lucera® Connect

Lucera® Connect is an on-demand carrier grade global SDN. We run the largest SDN in financial services with over 300 firms connected.


Reduction in time to revenue


Reduction in networking cost


Positive impact on bottom line

Lucera® runs the largest Software Defined Network in financial services and the only on-demand utility compute facility for financial services.

Lucera® Compute

On-Demand high performance, co-located compute services.


Reduction in time to revenue


Reduction in cost per CPU


Positive impact to bottom line

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